I forgot to specify that I don't mean the route achievements, but all the other ones regarding watts, distance etc. Das wird spätestens dann deutlich, wenn man sieht, dass die Erscheinung der Spielfigur beliebig angepasst werden kann, aber auch durch virtuelle Ausrüstungsgegenstände, wie Radkleidung oder besseres Material gepimpt werden kann. Any routes that are not these routes will not trigger achievements. Figured I would share for anyone else trying to keep track. To make sure I really get the achievement badge, I kept going. Achievements give you extra XP (20XP for each km of the route). Hi, thanks! Because most of the time, we do not remember the exact distance or elevation we need to ride before complete the loop. Yesterday I completed Muir and the Mountain route but the achievement never appeared. I rode at big loop and I’m already at 62km 1100m+ elevation gain but the achievement for that route didn’t appear. If you want to do it that way, then add the lead-in from zwiftinsider.com to the route length, but make sure you know for sure from the article where the finish banner is. ZwiftHub - Find Routes - Analyze Segments - Track Achievements - Enhance your Zwift Experience Now I can go print this off and keep it by my trainer, crossing things off as I go. I went several miles past the end of the route until I started climbing the same section I had at the beginning before giving up. Bookmark this URL and use it to access the route list: Your check marks are stored in a database at ZwiftHacks using the key from your URL. Zwift has added 25 routes to its list of achievement badges. Working on getting badges for all the routes. Hi zwifters, I just rode today and was wondering if you could help me with the actual distance of each route to unlock achievements? With for instance breaking 50mph(Daredevil?) You cannot be identified from this data. Not sure when the PRL Full is up but I’m definitely interested. Zwift steht für die Gamification des Indoor-Trainings und ist eine perfekte Mischung aus Fitnessprogramm und Videospiel. it looked like a bump of several hundred xp, but I couldn't confirm this. More XP = Level Up = Unlock new routes, bikes, wheels or accessories. Check our ZwiftInsider and team DIRT. So instead I have to fire up the app, skip pairing, enter Watopia then check that way. In Zwift I can live out my n+1 dreams that would probably end in a divorce if I would do that in real life. I thought I'd log in to the website to check what routes I'd done and check them off, but no, that would make too much sense. It's too bad there is not a message indicates the route is completed even if there is no extra points. On the menu it says 42.3km and 661m Thanks. I did my research and there’s a leadout distance that doesn’t cover it but where do I find that? Both are setting up Meet Ups / group rides for the longer route badges. P.: I like the achievement badges in Zwift. As a relatively new user, so much of Zwift's UX … To get the badge, just ride the route in a free ride or event. So, of course, I try to get the badges for all routes. To access your route list from any browser or device you need to create a personal sync URL: Get a personal sync URL. I could see that the top ones (ride ons, paparazzi etc) gave 50 xp. I took the list that ZwiftInsider posted and added all the routes. Important: you don't get badges for manually navigating a route. Setting the Meetup distance to be the route length has nothing to do with whether you complete the route or not, because it doesn’t take into account the lead-in. For the Volcano Climb I rode a total of 30Km and on the Volcano flat I rode 30km also, basically two laps and half. I recently completed two routes, Volcano Climb and Volcano Flat and saw the complete route and the badge icon on both at the end. I have that and the Uber Pretzel left, plus 25 laps of the volcano and 25 times up the Alpe left.