, not shying away from heavy tasks. FULL TIME/LIVE IN … Please note that the above shown program fees are estimated. Farm for sale in Namibia has 5,940 members. : Leaking water troughs, setting new pipelines for new water sources, dam management, and solar panel maintenance. We had a large lovely ensuite bedroom with a huge balcony with views to die for. The low-stress way to find your next vacancies in namibia job opportunity is on SimplyHired. I felt welcome the moment I met her at the airport. My work on the farm was quite alternate even because the cow Lotta was very sick. If you stay on the tarred road you will miss this. As I am at home now, I would like to return the nice words. Everyone posting here is responsible for his own post. These are made of conglomerate, and stand on the edge of a plateau that stretches for more than 80km and eventually forms the northern boundary of the Ugab River Valley. Receive regular emails with jobs like these: We are an International job board listing opportunities in numerous industries, and cater for Farm Manager jobs in Namibia. Common solutions are either via bank transfer or a cash payment at the project site. 17 open jobs in Namibia. Small mountain chains run through the bush land. The Etosha National Park is one of Namibia's favourite natural attractions. There are plans for a little apartment with own entrance for volunteers. from A breakage fee of US$ 20-00 will be charged (cash) and refunded when you check out. Farm Crew/ Farmstand Manager & Other Specialty Roles Seed Song Farm Kingston, NY . Also there is a wide … The nearest airport is Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) in Windhoek. The total package was therefore 69% higher than the minimum prescribed monthly … As the farm is on route to the South and West, a tour to Sossousvlei, Swakopmund or Walfish bay is possible on … Isabelle and Hans were great hosts! Sustainable growth in harmony with nature. For such a young person to have such an adult attitude is not seen very often. If you are willing to put in the effort it does get noticed by the hosts and is appreciated. African Safari in Namibia, Africa Hunting in Namibia, African Tribes in Namibia, Namibia volunteer work, Boat Cruise and Catamaran, Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Birding Tours, Day Tours, Factory and Industrial Tours, Africa Fishing in Namibia, Game Drive in Namibia, Hot Air Balloon, Namibia sand boarding, Quad Biking in Namibia… I learned a lot about maintencance and construction work in Africa. Your interest in the way we live and do things, your fast learning skills and your politeness makes me also want to thank your parents for letting you travel and thus give us in the far Namibia a chance to meet you. Please no drinking of alcohol during a working day. Long-term work permits are issued for 1 and 2 years. Our vision is a self sufficient bio farm and it would be very interesting for work aways to be part of the development of this, being able to learn and also to put in there own know how or craftsmanship. Almost half of all farm workers (47.3%) indicated that they work longer than the standard working week of 40 to 45 hour in Namibia. Your helping hand will be required on Living in and from the land. Menu Find a Job Create an Alert My Saved Jobs Companies Browse Courses Career Advice Employers and Recruiters A particularly interesting section can be found on the Setenghi property, where some of the formations have been likened to castles from the middle ages. : rehabilitation camps, building water sources for new camps and other needed structures, accommodations etc.Â. We are living our dream, by staying on a little farm and having free running game around us. Payments are handled by PayPal, our trusted global payment provider. Their spontaneity offer me an amazing time on their farm in Namibia, what I could not expected before or without them!! :  breaking down of old fences, disposing of rubbish, wires and snares, vegetation control, setting up needed developments. You are reliable and open for a stay in the remote areas of Namibia's bush savannah. Being self sufficient and producing bio products is our aim. {I just wanted to thank you and others at WWOOF for your work. Namijob.com, Recruitment website at the service of companies and job seekers in Namibia, for your job search, job vacancies and CV search recruitment. 6695 ha 5 x camps 3 x boreholes Jackal proof fence Main … 1.2 The maximum daily hours are: a) nine hours on any day if the employee works five days or fewer in a week; or b) eight hours on any day, if the employee works for … Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Namibia, Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Africa, Please come help in our lovely creative chateau in Central France, Maintenance & teaching Spanish help needed at our ecological care and learning project for youngsters in Brummen, Netherlands, Help to make an artistic mural fresco in Monts du Lyonnais - Rhône-Alpes, France, We need help in the garden at our ocean front orchard! This workawayer has chosen to keep their profile private, but can be contacted regarding this feedback by other workawayers. Come and help on our little farm near Windhoek, Namibia (6) Join Now. Browse job listings for Farm Manager with vacancies in Namibia, or search for jobs using our Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry job search page. Milking, feeding, gardening and general care of the farm animals. We are looking for an experienced Ranch Manager to work at our Gypsy Cob farm in Holden. stand behind him and guide him through it all. You will surely make a excellent farmer one day and we wish you all the best for your future!! and something is just missing. Search for all Namibia Jobs on offer with Careers24, browse the list of jobs or upload your CV to help find top Jobs in Namibia. We had lots of fun on the farm but it is serious work too. This inhales only about 2 ha which is surrounded by bush veld, It is you, coming out of your room with a smile and asking: "What are we going to do next." Here you can find sunny days as well as rich fauna and flora. He is an extremely helpful and handy person and not at all shy for hard work on a farm. Minimum Wage in Namibia 1. One of us has immigrated from Germany to Namibia many years ago and the other was born here in fourth generation. This farm is situated in one of Namibia´s best cattle and game areas near Kalkfeld. New Zealand. %. Veterinary Internship, being involved in daily caring, handling & looking after wildlife & some domestic animals, game captures, working with sick or injured animals. Other camps in the Park are Halali and Okaukeujo and the latest additions Dolomite Resort and Olifantsrus Campsite. Volunteer World is the World's leading comparison platform for volunteer abroad programs. Work ranges from light to heavy physical work, helping with feeding of animals, cleaning of water & feeding bowls, fencing, helping with baling of lucerne, gardening, vegetation mapping, animal observations, all day to day tasks on a working farm. After work you need to be able to entertain yourself as there are not much other things to do. Why do I have to pay to volunteer abroad? We strive to achieve this mission by working with the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture, and developing … The house is standing on pillars and on top of a hill, from where you have a near endless sight, without seen any houses. my first Workaway job and it was just an amazing experience! Trips to Windhoek can be arranged. : field assessment is highly crucial on how many species can be kept on the land, what type of management plan is required.  Vegetation assessment will be needed on regular bases to assess the farms carrying capacity. 11 One of us has immigrated from Germany to Namibia many years ago and the other was born here in fourth generation. We live near to Windhoek, where there are a lot of cultural tours, which can be booked on own costs. We have Internet, but not for downloads of films or videos. This is what the Namibian culture is about, no matter which ethnic group. All program fees are charged directly by your volunteer organization. About 35 m high, this distinctive monolith has been moulded into its curious shape by erosion. The high land has been cut down by the Ugab River, until the Canyons became only some stone pillars, comparable with the Monument Valley in America. The time I enjoyed very much and I always like to remember it. At a healthy and physically fit 67 years, I can't express all that I've gained by working around five hours every day in the garden or on the farm, learning new skills and about best organic practices, and most importantly conversing with others like me about … 07:00 Around the Park there are a number of the best accommodation establishments in Namibia. In my emergency I contacted Hans and Isabell (thanks to workaway) and explained them my awkward position. Volunteer and work in Namibia - low cost travel abroad - Workaway! Commercial farming is a big deal in Namibia: The area of the country is about 82 million hectares – 39 million hectares of this area are used for farming. Planning your next meaningful trip with Volunteer World gives you free access to: High ethical standards & transparent social impact, Change your reservation at no extra costs, We refund your fees if your project cancels your trip, We cover your back no matter what happens. All year,  Transfers from Outjo to the farm is early mornings, before 08:00 am.  It is advised that you stay in Outjo the night before, contact details for backpackers will be given. GardeningDIY and building projectsGeneral Maintenance Farmstay helpHelp with Eco Projects Help around the houseAnimal Care. After retaking the fort, the Germans rebuilt it and today it is perfectly preserved, looking like a Foreign Legion fort lifted straight from the Sahara. The volunteer quarters consists of 12 rooms (sharing). This Workawayer has chosen to keep their profile private. Travelling westwards en route to Khorixas, is the Ugab Vingerklip (finger of rock) situated amongst the rugged Ugab Terraces. The Vingerklip, 95 km West of Outjo is the geological leftover of a Ugab Terrace, its geological history can be read like an open book when looking at the layers of conglomerate.   Established in 1995, the Farm Krumhuk Project has made its mission the transformation of Namibian agriculture through earth-conscious and sustainable farming practices. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if your are accompanied by your parents. Starting at 07:00 and ends at +-17:00 depending on what is happening the day. Rita, I wake up in the morning. In addition to information on the economy and job search, this guide on working in Namibia also has tips on taxation, social security, and customs and etiquette. : Good record keeping and management of the amount of rain that has fallen. A normal workday is on average 8 hrs with a 2 hr lunch break.  Starting at 07:00 and ends at +-17:00 depending on what is happening the day.  Work ranges from light to heavy physical work, helping with feeding of animals, cleaning of water & feeding bowls, fencing, helping with baling of lucerne, gardening, vegetation mapping, animal observations, all day to day tasks on a working farm. They have been my saviour in emergency! We are also located very close to the … 1. Pascal stayed with us for nearly one month and hey, it was a pleasure to have him around. Get hired! When our beloved. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay using a credit card. Please consider this as your new home in Namibia, whenever you would come this way again. Provision should be taken for any allergies. More than a third (35%) work longer than 50 hours per week. We have a stable, a big chicken run, a big duck pond, a fish pond with kois, a swimming pool, a small veggie garden and a Lucerne garden. view, 85.2 This is something we would like to share. Criminal background, Visa and Medical Insurance. It’s a widely known fact that rhinos are on the brink of extinction – but not if we have anything to say about it. The best known is the Vingerklip. Find out more about welcoming travellers, Learn or improve a language by immersing yourself into local life, Map out your adventures from 50000+ opportunities worldwide, Share your Workaway adventures with fellow travellers, Meet up and connect with Workawayers around you, Learn a new language while sharing yours with others, Learn, improve or share your skills while traveling, Earn badges and showcase your achievements, Showcase what you have done during your travels, Recent travel tips, news and advice to help you plan your journey, Get to know the most active and experienced workawayers, Explore the world through the lens of workawayers and hosts, Watch vlogs & videos showing Workaway experiences and stories, What an amazing first workaway for us. In a 2012 wage survey, the Agricultural Employers' Association said the average salary in cash and rations was N$1 454 - 12% more than it was in 2010. 1. Etosha National Park is considered as one of of the best game viewing locations in the world. If there is any perks you need, you have to supply at own cost and help with the preparation thereof. I can absolutely recommend these hosts :-), To contact a host, please login with your username and password or, project and Nick, the Nickytainer will surely stand the test of time ;). willingness to help were needed and learn new things! 1.1. Visitors are allowed to climb the hill to view the rock formation, but it is prohibited to climb the Vingerklip. The help will inhale the care of the chickens, ducks, fish, horses and cows. Our volunteers would be living in the house with us, eating with us. It takes the form of an endorsement / stamp in your passport and is issued by either a Namibian consulate, embassy or Department of Home Affairs. "Etosha" means in Oshivambo "Great White Place" obviously derived from the vast salt pan that constitutes a large portion of the Park's surface area. All program fees are charged directly by Muller Stud Namibia. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. He said the bi-annual wage surveys conducted by the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) indicate that farm workers on commercial farms earn on average about 60 percent more than the minimum wage. No restrictions. Taking responsibility of the horse safari business, e.g. All rooms have their own bathroom with a hot shower and flush toilets.Rooms are situated at the foot of a mountain, very good for early morning exercise!Â, There is a dining hall with fireplace, a big kitchen, washing machine, solar electricity and. One of the best experiences during my worldtrip. To make you feel at home was our way of showing, that you really took our hearts the moment we first met. Food, snacks or beverages are at extra costs. However, when I picked you up in Windhoek I immediately realized that this would be a fun time with you. Vinger=Finger, because it is so thin and high. He is a hard worker and also someone with the ability to make a plan and get a project done without anyone having to, I have read your feedback Marita and it is really sooo sweet. Family Beddies live and work on Farm Abie-KARAGOMBE HUNTING, 50km west of Otavi. We love a sense of humor and adore people that have dreams, plans and are eager to learn. We guide you through a safe and easy application process. Please see our feedback policy for more info about why this review is not displayed. Lotti (milking cow) got sick and was near to death, we could not have wished for a better help than you. We assist you to find cheap flights to Namibia. In Namibia’s stable and growing economy, there are many jobs for expats working in Namibia’s main sectors, such as mining and tourism. : adequate for the Lucerne as well as problems with pipes, sprinkler systems need rotation etc. Farm manager - Jobs Namibia - Jobs in Namibia Posted: (3 days ago) Iam Rauha Iyambo a 24 years old female .I hold a National vocational certificate in Agriculture and nature conservation (livestock husbandry).I am passionate of doing any agricultural work .I consider myself to to hardworking, ambitious and made up of … Max, you came to us by "accident", because you were in a peculiar position of suddenly being without accommodation in Namibia. The whole setup resembles a mix of holiday house and farm yard. More than 27% of Namibia's working population is employed in the agricultural sector. You fitted perfectly into the family and where such a big help to me. There is no liability for the authenticity of … Wildlife Conservation research Internship, research on various topics or pick your own research topic. Beautiful farm on the banks of the Upper Fish River Canyon, 7,000ha game proofed with 2,4m game proof fence. This position is all-encompassing and includes day-to-day life on the farm with the main focus of riding and grooming the horses. Each room is equipped with 2 single beds and a cupboard for each person. Most of these farms are livestock farms, … The deposit is simply to reserve your volunteer placement. Craftsmanship or the willingness to work with your hands are essential. Volunteers are expected to assist in day to day tasks to help the team reach their goals more efficiently.   We will be there to mentor and assist you where needed, and get to know you better.  No special equipment is needed to bring along. Work consisted of feeding and watering aimals , construction of small stone path,helping with brick path,installing irrigation system to. Volunteers will be involved in day to day tasks and activities on the farm, from general farm work and looking after farm animals and also wildlife. In total, there are about 12.400 private farms in Namibia. The hills of the Ugab Terrace, near the town, deserve special mention for their unusual shapes. Being born here and living on a farm my whole live, I have a broad knowledge of the field, it's plants and game animals. There are various short tours available guided by local guides, for example: Desert Tour to go and see the Desert Elephants.  More information on request. : Fences need to be patrolled and fixed where broken by animals, :  Help set up & grow our garden around the tented camp & volunteer camp. Zoning, Sectoring, Layering, and Plant Guilds, Vegetables (Annual Plants, Perennial Plants, Shrubs) Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Water Plants, Germination, Propagation, Grafting, Tree Management, and Fungi, Wind, Batteries/Electrics and Solar Heating, Water Collection/Storage, Irrigation and Grey Water Processing, Walling, Fencing, Dams/Ponds, Swales/Berms and Raised Beds, Composting Toilets, Composting, and Worm Farms, Construct a (little) pond, Birds, lizards, spiders, dragonflies, chameleon, frogs will be attracted. Â, They eat insects, which harm the crops. Â, Provide a habitat by making little houses for them. Â, What problems are there concerning vegetation, Invasive plants, what types do we have, and in which parts of the farm are they growing?Â, Carrying capacity, bush encroachment management.Â, How to deal with soil erosion & applying techniques to combat soil erosion. In order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. Our conversations with hans will live with us forever and we shall never forget our new german friends. The World's Largest Volunteer Abroad Comparison Platform. “If you add the free housing, water, electricity and firewood of farm workers to the basic wage, it is clear that farm workers are better off than unskilled workers in most other labour … This could be caused by a link you followed that was out of date, by a typing in the wrong address in the address bar, or simply because the post has been deleted. The park is located around Etosha Pan, a low-lying area of approximately 6,000 square kilometers which, in times of heavy rainfall, may form a shallow lake which draws vast numbers of water fowl. Alcohol or any other beverage, except water and self made juices, have to be supplied by the work away. It’s time to take real action. - 17:00. Namibia and work there for a short while: (1) 3 months’ work visa (2) 6 months’ work visa – being phased out • Long-term work permits must be applied for by individuals who wish to work in Namibia for 7 months or longer. Farm Manager jobs now available. We guide you through a safe and easy, We refund your fees if Muller Stud Namibia cancels your trip. Cattle & Game Farm For Sale in Gobabis Area Registered in a CC Size of farm 8297 HA Consists of: 5 Boreholes, 36 m deep, 25 cubics p/h 1 Equipped with a solar pump... NAM $ 27,875,000 Determining transfer of income from farmers to farm-workers is not easy and is appropriate to look at costs farmers face. I spent four weeks with them in a beautiful natural landscape on their small farm and enjoyed every day. •the ability to work under pressure •a willingness to work flexibly Requirements:.must enjoy working outdoor.driver's licence.max 5 years farming experience and previous farm management experience.Excellent business skills.excellent numerical skills accompanied by administrational skills.Good head … You have been an amazing person, easy going and always prepared to take on more chores. Discover farm life in the western Part of Namibia (3) Namibia. minded view on live and your hearty personalities! preparation work for safari rides like grooming and tacking up the horses; For that I would like to thank the two and can recommend them only in the best way possible. The distance from Windhoek via Rehoboth to the farm is approximately 200 km and the dista... NAM $ 24,530,000 71 vacancies in namibia jobs available. The whole setup runs on Solar power and own bore hole for fresh water. We are planning a little Aloe Vera plantation, a bigger veggie garden, a shed, a container house and a little fruit orchard. Farm KOPPIES is located just beneath Spreetshoogte in the pre-Namib Desert. Volunteer World is the world's leading comparison platform for international volunteer opportunities. Which brings me onto how sad it was leaving our hosts. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Namibia provides security and is a plus to have. Check your required vaccinations for Namibia. Algoos Study Work and Travel offers paid and non-paid Internships Namibia in fields such as: Environmental Management, Marine Science, Zoology and Women’s Studies. If you like quiete this could be the place for you. My time in Namibia started with a lot of difficults. If you are a manager or owner of a lodge, guest farm, bed & breakfast, Hotel or a potential candidate that is seeking a job in the Namibian Hospitality Industry, once you have joined this page, you may post your ad. 1. Overview: Historical and 1990's Perspective We stayed 1 month here and work was not difficult at all. Your hands on attitude, your love to the animals and your fast style of learning things were very refreshing. : looking for objects that can injure the wildlife, like looking for wires, tracks, etc. best culinary food on their farm. It also includes working with other animals on the farm such as dogs, cats, and birds. Join the Workaway community today to unlock unique travel experiences with over 50,000 opportunities around the globe. Most of Spacious practical farmstead, large guest bungalow, neat workers houses, abattoir, biltong room, smoker, walk-in cool-room. I really enjoyed my three weeks stay on the little farm. Qualifications. Hans also immediately connected to your openness, good manners and your down to earth kind of way.